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The Forum concludes an annual discussion on Arctic topics and is the final event summarizes all actual issues on the Arctic agenda.

The main outcome of the Forum is a Resolution which includes suggestions and recommendations from the participants on improving Russian Federation’s state system for the development of the Arctic zone. This document will be submitted to the State Commission for the Arctic Development, as well as to relevant legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation. We kindly ask you to send your proposals in the following areas to the Forum’s Organizing Committee:

  • The Arctic is the resource base of Russia in 21st century
  • Bringing the future closer: equipment and technology for the Arctic
  • Transport Corridors of the Arctic: Go Forward
  • Knowledge and competence for the future of polar region
  • International cooperation in the Arctic: an open dialogue
  • Ways of regional development of the Russian Arctic
  • Ways to improve the quality of life in the Arctic
  • Preserving the future: the ecological development of the polar region
  • Time of New Energy
  • Security Architecture of the Polar Region
  • Other issues related to the sustainable development of the Russian Arctic

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