JAMSTEC Japanese agency researchers have taken part in a Cold Lands interdisciplinary workshop, held in Sakha North Eastern Federal University. Researchers Rikie Suzuki and Hisashi Sato have presented a research on Eastern Siberian ecosystems at global warming.

The workshop is aimed at establishing a science dialogue with Japanese partners in environmental issues and climatology of the North. The North-Eastern Federal University boosts cooperation with Japanese universities and science institutes. "Good example is a successful implementation of joint expert preparation programme with Hokkaido University - RJE3. This programme has allowed over 30 undergraduate, postgraduate students and lecturers to retrain at the Hokkaido University" - says Deputy Rector of NEFU natural sciences and international cooperation, Mikhail Prisyazhny. 

Rikie Suzuki and Hisashi Sato, the leading researchers of the agency, have dedicated their lectures to importance of Eastern Siberia ecosystems in global warming, necessity of monitoring and coordination of common efforts for conservation of biodiversity and researching  problems of global waming. The workshop was held with financial support of NEFU Endowment fund.

The next session will be held during the 12th General Assembly of the Northern Forum, with participation of more researchers from the University of Alaska (Fairbanks). Lectures will be given by Geology Professor Mr. John Eihelberger and History Professor Terrence Cole.

 Cold Lands workshop - is an international interdisciplinary workshop of Northern and Arctic researchers, held since 2008. 19 sessions in total were held with participation of leading researchers from Canada, Finland, United States and Russia.