Dmitry Kobylkin, the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, took part in meeting of Hardly Removable Stocks of Western Siberia – is the New Economic Horizons of Russia.

Dmitry Kobylkin indicated that involvement of hardly removable reserves of oil in large-scale industrial development is one of priority problems of development of oil and gas complex in Yamal.

He also noted: “The current recoverable oil reserves in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug are put at 4.9 billion tons. 2.4 billion tons of them (56%) are hardly removable stocks that correspond to the industry average indicators. 124 of 167 Yamal oil fields have hardly removable stock of oil in various volumes”.

According to Dmitry Kobylkin industrial development of Yamal large-scale fields such as East Messoyakhsky, West Messoyakhsky, Russkoe and Urengoysky with recoverable oil reserves about 1.5 billion tons will make the region increase its oil production by 2020 - from 21.7 to 44 million tons. He added: “Achievement of such a goal will depend on volumes of production of hardly removable stock of oil that is 79% in this region”.

Dmitry Kobylkin summed up the results: Only having consolidated efforts of subsurface users, regions and federal authorities, we can manage to develop not only a regional segment of oil production, but also fuel and energy complex of Russia in general”.