1999 (67-80)

Res#068 Concerning Northern Forum Associate Secretariats
Res#069 Concerning Administrative Responsibilities of the Committees Created by the Board of Directors of the Northern Forum
Res#070 Concerning Aid Activities of the Northern Forum
Res#071 Concerning Regional Membership Dues and Membership Status
Res#072 Approval of Biennial Budget, Northern Forum Biennial Work Plan and Secretariat Work Plan
Res#073 Concerning the Selection of Corporate Officers
Res#074 Concerning the Selection of the Chairman and Vice Chairs of the Northern Forum
Res#075 Adoption of a Northern Forum Mission Statement or Philosophy
Res#076 Concerning the Schedule of Board of Directors Meetings and General Assemblies
Res#077 Concerning the Appointment of the Executive Director-Corporate President
Res#078 Concerning the Appointment of the Corporate Vice President-Secretary-Treasurer
Res#079 Concerning the Approval of the Members of the Board of Directors
Res#080 Housekeeping Amendments to the Bylaws of the Northern Forum Inc.
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