The growing demand for energy in the global economy and increased competition in global hydrocarbon markets are driving the growing interest of the world's leading oil and gas companies in the Arctic’s resource potential and offshore projects.

The International Conference is devoted to topical issues in the development of the Arctic and offshore projects, the role of the Arctic in meeting global energy demand, legislative support for the development of offshore projects, world experience in exploration and drilling in difficult Arctic conditions using modern innovative technologies, LNG, transport and service infrastructure, industrial and environmental safety, international cooperation.

“The Arctic should be affirmed as a space for open and equal dialogue based on the principles of universal and indivisible security, in which there is no place for geopolitical games of military blocs, behind-the-scenes agreements and the division of spheres of influence. Russia will continue to remain committed to the peaceful development of the region, while respecting its own national interests and unconditional respect for the interests of other countries. ”- Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin