One-day seminar of the working group on protection of the Arctic marine environment (PAME) of the Arctic Council will be held September 29, 2018, Vladivostok, which is chaired by the Senior Fellow of the Institute of the North Jim Gamble, Anchorage, Alaska.

Date: September 29, 2018

The aim of the workshop will be to promote dialogue on the problems of marine pollution with plastic waste, emphasizing the role of the Russian Arctic communities of indigenous peoples and recognizing that an important and indisputable problem of marine waste can be solved through joint efforts of governments of different countries.

 In addition, representatives of indigenous communities and participants in the workshop will be able to attend part of the PAME meeting, especially the working session on marine debris organized by the Arctic Council, and contribute to the development of the regional strategy on marine debris, which the Arctic Council plans to launch in 2019.

 More information about the seminar here.