From July 1, the Northern Forum announces Call for Projects 2020.

The purpose of the Call is to strengthen and to expand the interaction between regions to all aspects of the social and economic development of the North and the Arctic to ensure the Northern Forum's contribution to global international cooperation.

Only organizations (legal entities) registered in the territory of one of the member-regions of the Northern Forum can participate in the Call.

Applications must comply with one of the following thematic areas:
- Education and Research;
- Culture;
- Business Cooperation in the North;
- Environment and Biodiversity Conservation;
- Regional Adaptation to Climate Change;
- Development of Energy in the North;
- Assessment of Quality of Life in the Arctic Regions;
- Transportation development in the North;
- Health in the North and Social Issues;
- Housing in the Arctic;
- Development of ecological tourism in the northern regions;
- Development of the Northern Sea Route.

Each participant may submit no more than three Applications if the projects comply with different thematic areas.

The Project must have participants (organizations) from not less than 2 (two) member regions of the Northern Forum.

Application is filled in in accordance with Annex No.1 to these Terms and Conditions and must be submitted in English and Russian.

The Application should be sent to the Secretariat of the Northern Forum by e-mail: .

Applications for project financing are accepted until September 15, 2020.

Following the results of the project competition, priority projects of the Northern Forum will be selected.

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