(Photo: Northern Forum) Vladimir Vasiliev giving a speech during 10th Youlth Eco Forum

10th International Youth Eco-Forum "Clean City – Clean Planet" under the auspice of the Northern Forum has started its work in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.


As BarentsObserver reported, President Vladimir Putin on Monday accepted Marina Kovtun’s resignation and appointed her acting governor until the elections in September. She was appointed governor by then president Dmitry Medvedev in 2012. Direct governor elections were abolished by President Putin during his first presidency in 2004, but were later reintroduced by Medvedev in 2012. Kovtun has a quite big chance to win the election, according to some of the first reactions to her resignation and beginning campaign.


The power is back on after a near territory-wide power outage in Yukon early this morning.


The federal government called in Russia’s ambassador to Canada for another dressing down and announced it would skip Arctic Council meetings in Moscow this week in response to escalating tensions in Eastern Ukraine.


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Vladimir Vasiliev, NF Executive Director, and Halldor Johansson, Arctic Portal General Manager, have presented the Northern Forum and its new tool within the Arctic Portal for participants of the Arctic Business Summit in Rovaniemi.


The Arctic regions have become of bigger interest and matter in a global scale. Due to vast natural resources and melting of Arctic sea ice, the area is in many ways facing a new challenging era.