Arctic Portal

Ráðhústorg 7

600 Akureyri




Tel: +354 4612800



Providing access to news, data, information and organizations across the Arctic, facilitating information sharing and cooperation between public and private parties, carrying out Arctic-related outreach and communication.

Consulting and providing web presence to numerous institutions and projects of Arctic importance and maintaining highly active social media outreach channels.

Organizer of multiple international events and active participation in international organizations, networks and projects of highest Arctic and Global importance.

Co-Leading the project initiation and the outreach and science communication for the China-Iceland Arctic Observatory –

Developer and host of the Arctic Data Interface, the central database for the Arctic, designing a methodology, producing and facilitating an interoperable and scalable interfacing technology for our customers on demand.

The portal is based in Akureyri, Iceland, registered as an SME but managed as a non-profitable organization under an international board of advisory directors.