quebec flag

Le Figaro states that Quebec will get its own DN. Quebec will use its’ own DN - “.quebec” instead of double DN “” that has existed before and indicated that Quebec is Canada’s province. The official launch will be on the 23th November, so that users can reserve their addresses in a new domain zone from the 2nd of September.

Norman Forte, the V.P. of PointQuébec non-profit corporation that will run a domain, said: “Finally, Quebec will get its own name on the internet. Now we have over 271 million DN, and 113 million are in a Companies cannot find fit and representative name at a reasonable price.

ICANN – Internet Corporation of distributing Addresses and Numbers that is responsible for assigning Global DN, - approved making 76 new geographical DN: “.nyc” – NY, “.berlin” – Berlin etc. Joining with Canada Quebec loses its short domain suffix “.qc”, because PointQuébec representatives said that only admitted countries are allowed to have a domain that consists of 2 words.