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Improving treatment facilities on rivers and reducing the consumption of plastic products will help reduce plastic pollution in the seas of the Russian Arctic, the press service of the marine research Center of Lomonosov Moscow state University told RIA Novosti.

one of us

Daryana Maximova, Acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum became a guest in the TV program "One of Us". 

ice melting

Russian, British and Israeli scientists have found a connection between the reduction of long-term Arctic ice and climate change in Siberia, according to the website of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS.


Scientific station "Snezhinka" is planned to be open in Yamal in 2022, according to TASS. The purpose of the station is conducting international research, including research on renewable energy.

NBC Sakha interview

During the NBC Sakha program “Yakutia in the World” acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum Daryana Maximova spoke about the activities of the Northern Forum international organization, its mission and structure.


The main locations of the expeditions in the Verkhoyansky ulus are bases “Nelgese”, and in the Oymyakon ulus – “Burustakh”, where the lowest temperatures in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth were previously recorded.


The polar bears Kolymana and Lomonosov living in the Yakut zoo "Orto Doydu" became parents for the second time - on December 15th baby bear was born. His gender will be determined only in the spring, and then he will be given a name.


The total area of ​​the national park is 1,885,554 ha. The main goal is to preserve the East Siberian Crane population - an endangered species of world fauna.


The theme of the Arctic Yearbook 2019 is Redefining Arctic Security. This eighth edition of the Arctic Yearbook seeks to articulate how security has been redefined in the Arctic region. The online version is available at https://arcticyearbook.com/.

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Dear regions and partners of the Northern Forum,

We are happy to congratulate you on Christmas and New Year 2020!


General Staff declared foreign warships on the Northern Sea Route "persona non grata"

"Our Armed Forces are able to fully ensure the safety of navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route, and therefore there is no need to find warships of other countries in this sea corridor". So answered to the representative of Japan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Army General Valery Gerasimov who invited foreign military attaches to the meeting. The representative of Japan asked our commander how Russia would react if foreign warships began to sail along the Northern Sea Route.


Arctic Winter School 2020 at North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russia is going to be held from February 25 – March 7, 2020

Study about the Arctic in Yakutsk! As of May 13th, 2019, 8 additional regions of Yakutia have been included in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. In total, all 13 Arctic regions of Yakutia are included in the Russian Arctic, which makes 49% of Yakutia’s territory belong to the Arctic zone.