Reideer Riders

International competition of professional skill competency Arctic Skills will be held in the village of Chersky, Sakha Republic (Yakutia) from 07 to 10 April 2018. The competition is aimed to familiarize and draw attention to the traditional indigenous occupations of the Arctic and High North region.

Competitions among college students on Arctic Skills competences will be held within the premises of the Arctic College (Chersky village). The competitions are held in parallel to the international seminar  “Reindeer Husbandry – a Cornerstone of Indigenous Life in the Arctic”. Student teams from the northern regions of Russia and foreign Northern countries will compete in five competencies: "DESIGNING A REINDEER HERDERS’ CAMPSITE AND BUILDING A TENT", "REINDEER HERDING", "Fish Dishes from Chir (Broad Whitefish)", "OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF OFF-ROAD VEHICLES AND DIESEL GENERATORS" "FIRST AID IN FIELD (TUNDRA) CONDITIONS" (a complete list of competencies and their requirements, are here).

In particular, there will be tasks to determine participants' practical skills in weaving chaut (lasso) , fabricating harness elements from antler and bones using engraver, practical skills in capturing reindeer, dressing harnesses, skills in handling reindeer, and providing first aid in tundra conditions. In addition, the participants will count the quantity of reindeer.

For tutors of vocational training, training courses and round tables will be organized in which general requirements for the training of personnel according to the specified competencies will be discussed, master classes in processing hides and skins, overtone singing and many indigenous practices will be conducted.

The program of the event can be found here.