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8th Youth Eco-Forum 2012 - "Climate Change/Creating Balance "

Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada)

August 8-15, 2012


Canada’s Yukon Territory has been granted the opportunity to host the 2012 Northern Forum’s Youth Eco-Forum on the theme of “Climate Change and Creating Balance.” 






Youth delegates from Northern Forum member regions and their chaperones joined Yukon youth and event coordinators for seven days of programming as they cultivated youth leadership, environmental awareness and circumpolar relationship building.


The Eco-Forum was held just outside the capital city, Whitehorse. Accommodation and most sessions were set for the Hot Springs Valley Retreat, located 30 minutes from our international airport. This Center is recognized for its beauty, attention to detail and focus on environmental stewardship.


There was also  time for everyone to enjoy these hot springs .


For more information on Whitehorse and its surrounding area, visit:


We also used two of the seven days to travel by minibus to explore other exceptional Yukon areas, with part of these tours examining the practices of two Yukon mine sites while looking for “best practices”.


You can learn more about Yukon here:



  Detailed description of the Youth Eco-Forum 2012
  Practical information
  Green event 



Youth Eco-Forum 10th Anniversary

Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

May 1-8, 2011




"Partnerships for Forests"



At the Begich Boggs Visitor Center in the Chugach National Forest


Organized in cooperation with the Chugach National Forest, the Alaska Geographic and the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), the Youth Eco-Forum focused on the ecosystem of the Chugach National Forest in southcentral Alaska (forests, glaciers, mountains, wetlands) and the threats represented by climate change to this ecosystem. It was held jointly with a UAA Scientific Symposium "Classrooms for Climate", and included field trips to various destinations in the Chugach National Forest. The 2011 Youth Eco-Forum was placed under the U.N. International Year of the Forests and International Year of the Youth.


Besides the field trips, the youth attended the "Classrooms for Climate" at UAA, participated in an Environmental Game and prepared a Declaration that was presented to the University of Alaska the last day of the Forum.


Program  Программа 
Declaration Декларация
Sponsors Спонсоры
Photo gallery Фото галлерея
Media coverage: CBS local and APRN СМИ - телеканал CBS и радио


On May 4th, the youth took a six-hour long private cruise out of Whittier into Prince William Sound.  




6th Youth Eco-Forum of the Northern Forum

May 28-June 2, 2010

Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)


"Clean Water - Living Planet"




Agenda Программа
Press release Пресс релиз
Photo Gallery Фото галлерея
Address by Executive Director Приветствие исполнительного директора
Declaration Декларация


5th Youth Eco-Forum of the Northern Forum

August 18-22, 2008

Gangwon Province (Republic of Korea) 


"Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources"


The 2008 Youth EcoForum “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” was held in Sokcho city, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea August 18-22, 2008. The week-long event included presentations from participating students on their home region; professional lectures on current environmental topics; a hands-on environmental project; and field trips to natural areas of the Province.



Photo Gallery (Powerpoint)


YEF 2008 Resolution English  Russian


4th Youth Ecoforum of the Northern Forum

August 21-25, 2006

Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Russia) 


"Oil and the Environment"




Photo Gallery (pdf)




YEF 2006 Declaration    English



3rd Youth EcoForum of the Northern Forum

August 2005

Akureyri, Iceland


"Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Local and Global Action"


The town of Akureyri, Iceland hosted the Youth Eco-Forum 2005 (August 28 – September 1, 2005). The main theme of the 2005 YEF was “Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Local & Global Action.”


  YEF 2005 Photo Gallery 


  • YEF Final Declaration

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  • Program

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  • Presentations (English)

          - Akureyri (Iceland)

          - Alaska (U.S.)

          - Chukotka (Russia)

          - Hokkaido (Japan)

          - Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)

          - Sakha Republic (Russia)

          - Vologda (Russia)




2nd Youth Eco Forum of the Northern Forum
August 2-7, 2004
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Youth living in the member regions of the Northern Forum, who build the future of northern regions, assembled early August 2004 in Sapporo, and shared information on each region’s environment as well as “a common perception” of the environment of northern regions through discussions and sharing of experience with each other in order to deepen their understanding of their environment.

As a result of this project, a “Code of Conduct” was adopted in the forum. It should be practiced by each participant and suggested to many regions. And that will in turn contribute to revitalize independent activities for environmental conservation conducted not only by the participants of the forum but also by the adults in many regions.


Final Report

Power Point report (2.4 MB)

List of participants


The first Youth Eco Forum was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, December 2-5, 2001. The Youth Eco Forum is a part of the Northern Forum project “Environmental Education in Northern Regions”. The Youth Eco- Forum gathered participants, 18 youth ambassadors, and other program staff from seven Northern Forum member regions (Alberta, Alaska, Heilongjiang, Hokkaido, Khanty-Mansy, Lapland, and Sakha). The concerns, visions and actions of the youth towards the environment in their countries were summed up in a Declaration signed by the youth and presented to the United Nations at the Eco Summit in 2002.


Final report